We have a large studio, located near Helensburgh, completely equipped with an array of quality, hi-tech professional studio equipment and the ability to create virtually anything in the way of sets and backgrounds. In addition, we offer a number of props, makeup, and costumes that are available for use by studio rental photographers and models. We have additional rooms with Victorian furniture, etc. for possible sets. We also have a large collection of women's vintage clothing available to rental photographers and their models at no additional charge. We always have an endless supply of tea and hospitality. Whatever you want to create we probably have the equipment and the expertise to accomplish the task. 

                                            Rates for photographer and model studio rental :

                                                     £25 per hour - two hour minimum 

                                                     £85 half day (4 hr.)

                                                     £170 full day (8 hr.)


There is a £25 non-refundable deposit on studio reservations at the time of reservation. Remaining rental balances must be paid prior to the shoot. Cash payments receive a 5% discount.

 All equipment listed on the Equipment List is available for use conducting shoots. We do not supply camera equipment for shoots. EVER. If a photographer needs a special piece of equipment for their shoot please notify us prior to the shoot to see if we have the piece or something to give the same results. Please do not bring any studio equipment to the shoot without prior approval.


Christopher will be on set and available to assist experienced photographers if needed, on a limited basis.


All renters are expected to know how to operate a DSLR camera out of the "auto" mode and how to properly operate basic studio lighting equipment. If in doubt reserve Christopher to assist in the shoot at the time of reservation. We have the right to intervene and charge the extra training fee, in addition to the rental fee, if it becomes obvious that the photographer is a novice conducting the shoot and is need for training. This policy applies to any photographer shooting in the studio regardless of situation. We reserve this right primarily to protect our equipment and for liability issues.

Christopher will be glad to assist those less experienced with their shoots for an additional training fee of £20 per hour. PLEASE NOTE:  Less experienced photographers are expected to give notice they will be needing training during their shoot at the time of studio reservation.

Models wishing to reserve the studio for their own hosted shooting events are most welcome to do so and should email or call us for pricing information on renting the studio for personal shooting events.


On model hosted events the invited photographers are to abide by the same rules as the rental photographers with no exceptions concerning their level of experience.

Rental time begins at the reserved time slot made by the renter. We want to make sure our renters get the best experience for their money so we will donate a limited amount of time on having the anticipated equipment needed for the shoot, (back drops, soft boxes, strobes, light modifiers, etc.) ready to be set up prior to the shoot, if asked by the renters in advance.

Studio renters are liable for the cost of replacement of any equipment damaged while renting the studio. This liability extends to the studio as well as any items in these studio, damaged while renting Imagine Studios. If there is any doubt as to how to properly use any equipment the renter should notify us immediately for help.


Imagine Studios offers professional retouching, photoshop manipulation, and printing of photography.

See "Printing" in the navigation bar for details.

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Main Studio Dimensions: 15' W x 18' L with a 11' Ceiling

Partial Studio Equipment List

4 each – Paul Buff X-Series Strobes - X1600’s


1 each – Paul Buff X-Series Strobes – X3200


2 each - Paul Buff 30” x 60” Soft Boxes with grids


2 each - Paul Buff 24” x 36” Soft Boxes with grids


3 each - Paul Buff 10” x 36” Strip Soft Boxes with grids


1 each - Paul Buff 60” Octangle Soft Box


1 each - Paul Buff 22” beauty dish with grids


4 each – Manfrotto 8’ roll-around light stands


1 each – Manfrotto Roll-around hair light stand


10 each – Matthews #756040 HD 40” light stands and arms

Strobe Barn doors, gels, snoots, and other attachments to modify light

2 each – Pocket Wizard Plus 111 transceiver sets


1 each – Sekonic L-758DR light meter


Several different camera stands.


Various sized backdrop stands


White and black 10’ and 5’ wide paper backdrop rolls


Numerous colors, sizes, and designs of cloth backgrounds


Several rolls of rubber stone designed floorings


Various props and model costume pieces, mostly gothic in nature


Huge collection of women’s vintage clothing and costumes

Reflectors and light block panels