We guarantee your satisfaction with the work we produce for you, period. As a matter of practice we store all original images we capture, for life, on a series of secure external computer hard drives. The purpose in doing so is to be able to offer a replacement to our customers if their original photographs are ever damaged or destroyed. This practice also allows our customers to purchase additional images captured at a shoot, but not purchased at that time.

We are a professional photographic service hence we are not customers of Walmart, Sam, Walgreens or any other low cost, low quality photo printer. We only offer and sell photographic products that have been printed either by ourselves with our own top of the line Epson professional printing equipment or a well trusted professional outside printer on high quality, acid free, museum archival paper or equivalent material. All materials used in the printing of our products have an expected life, if properly cared for, of approximately 100 years or more with very little or no deterioration in visual quality. If your artwork ever degrades through no fault of your own we will replace it for free or if it is accidentally damaged or destroyed we will replace the artwork for the actual cost to us to have the piece reproduced along with any applicable postage and handling charges that may be involved plus 50% of our current selling price of the particular type of art. The original art must be returned to us to take advantage of any of our replacement offers.